Buying an ATV: its pros and cons

Modern ATVs are unique vehicles that have won the love of hunters, fishers and just those who love outdoor activities.

Such a transport is not in vain called the all-terrain vehicle: very powerful wheels can overcome any obstacle. The ATV is able to pass in places where the car will stand in one place. The maximum speed of technology is 65 km / h – despite the relatively small numbers, the vehicle accelerates quite well.

ATVs not only have four wheels, but are also equipped with a special bicycle-type steering wheel. They can be either double or single. When buying such a vehicle, it is advisable to carefully study the main technical characteristics of the model.

Features of the operation of ATVs

Most believe that the ATV is an ideal tool not only for extreme travel, but also for moving around the city. Indeed, such a technique has undeniable advantages:

  1. Mobility;
  2. Low fuel consumption;
  3. Excellent cross-country ability and high power;
  4. Stability while riding;
  5. Ease and simplicity of operation.

Despite this, many motorists prefer to use ATVs as a means of entertainment, rather than as a permanent transport. Accordingly, they prefer to exploit it outside the territory of cities.

For this reason, not everyone decides to ride a quad bike on public roads. The future destiny of the transport depends on the goals set, therefore, when choosing it, it is desirable to know as precisely as possible why it is purchased and what requirements it must meet.

Rules of the road for ATVs

ATVs, as one of the type of vehicles, have become particularly popular in the last 5-7 years. Many dealerships offer very good models, ideal for driving in the city.

However, when buying such a vehicle, you should think about whether it is possible to ride ATVs around the city and what the traffic rules say about this.

There are no strict restrictions on riding an ATV within the city limits in our legislation. Despite this, it is advisable to fulfill several conditions and be aware of all the requirements.

At the legislative level, many provisions on ATVs have not yet been introduced and fixed. For this reason, drivers of such vehicles often encounter difficulties while traveling, especially when it comes to public roads.

The main requirement is to ensure the safety of movement for other road users, accordingly, while there are no threats to this, there will be no complaints against the driver of the ATV.

If you plan a trip on such vehicles in the city, then you need to consider several factors:

  • The mass of the ATV should not exceed 400 kg;
  • Mandatory presence of turn signals, rear view mirrors and headlights;
  • The maximum speed of movement – no more than 40 km / h.

The main requirement, as already mentioned above, is to ensure the safety of movement, so the quartz cycle should fit into the main automobile stream without problems. Vehicles that are not equipped with direction indicators and rear-view mirrors are dangerous for both the driver and other people.

Before acquiring a new ATV, it is advisable to study the legislation of the Russian Federation and get acquainted with all the requirements for such vehicles. If the equipment will not be used for movement within the city, it is best to purchase a model with lower engine power and without lighting equipment.

How to get a license to drive an ATV

To ride a quad bike on public roads, you need to get a driver’s license for a tractor driver. Obtaining such a certificate is not difficult, since the requirements for drivers are standard.

To get a license to drive an ATV, you must sign up for special courses. Duration of training on average is from 1 month. During this time, three main aspects are taught:

  • Theory and rules of the road;
  • The theory of safe operation of self-propelled cars;
  • The practice of driving on city roads.

For experienced drivers with a long experience, the training process can be shortened to passing the exam.

ATVs are a very specific type of vehicle, which is most often used for movement along dirt roads and off-road, and not for driving in the city.

Despite this, they are often bought just for operation within the city: knowledge of the requirements for such vehicles, and the presence of a driver’s license allows them to be used on public roads.